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The secret garden

The secret garden, central Cheltenham

The brief

Our client owns a large regency villa in Central Cheltenham and had an unused walled garden to the rear. They wished to create a space for work and leisure for their family to enjoy.

Key challenges

The site is located in a central conservation area and the garden was overlooked by a number of surrounding dwellings.

Our solution

The existing redbrick wall which screened the secret garden from the main dwelling was in a poor state of repair as such there was an opportunity to increase its height marginally whilst repairing it to make it possible to sit the roof of the new building below it. This meant that the scheme was not visible from the existing property or the public domain, as such the impact on the Conservation Area was minimal.

However this hidden form also adds to the drama of the space because you pass through an oak doorway in what appears to be a simple garden wall and pass into the modern pool house behind.

We were keen to ensure the scheme had plenty of natural light but also provided a private space with a pool orientated so that the fully glazed ends were not over looked and opened up onto private pockets of garden. A frameless roof light that runs the length of the pool now floods the space with light. The gym also has a sliding glazed wall that opens onto a pocket garden and a glazed wall over looking the pool.

The result is a light and modern pool area that when the weather permits can be opened up to the elements but is equally as usable on a winters day.

CE - Douro Court - Pool from outside 005
CE - Douro Court - Gym from outside 003
CE - Douro Court - Pool from outside 002