coombes : everitt Your Sector Barn conversion – Cotswolds

Upcote Farm - Cotswolds

Project type

Commercial - Farm diversification to wedding venue


Private client


Conversion and refurbishment of class Q farm buildings to create a wedding venue


Completed - 2012


Our clients were a farming family in the Cotswolds however to help bolster their agricultural business they wished to create a wedding venue at the farm.

There were a number of historic and modern farm buildings near the existing farmstead that although in a state of disrepair were ideally suited to this use.

The historic stone threshing barn was refurbished to act as the main wedding venue with the smaller associated historic buildings be converted to provide some additional accommodation. The main entertainment space was provided in one of the more modern barns where the large span of the barn created a more open plan space.

The landscaping around the cluster of buildings was reconfigured to provide for some parking but also to create a processional arrival to the complex of buildings.


revised site layout
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